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Our creations are at the forefront of technology.

Thanks to our extended line of showcase models we are able to guarantee an excellent integration of any installation with the artworks and their cultural context.

Musejon - Horizontal Showcase

What is Daca?

We are simply Artisans with an industrial “wit”!
Our story is the story of a manufacturing company that began 40 years ago with the workshop of Luzi Fernando, the founder of Tre Elle, the mother company of which Daca Vetrina D’Autore was born.

Of a very simple Set Up, excellent lighting, a good air conditioning project; Daca display cabinets must not simply contain an object, in an end in itself, but enhance its history and its path.

The product Lines.

DACA operates in various fields, highlighting in the best possible way their distinctive features.

The experience and competence gained in the field allow us to design targeted expositive solutions for the relevant industry.

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Customer Services


Daca Vetrina in addition to its own Catalog of Showcases just ready for installation, can makes changes to its basic models or completely customizes new models on request and according to the customer’s demands


Our expert craftsmen provide the installa
tion of the Showcase directly in the exhibition space, observing the utmost care for a correct installation that must remain free from defects for a very long term.


Time and use can change the aesthetics and characteristics of the showcases. We provide professional maintenance to ensure that a Daca display case remains as beautiful as the day of its delivery.

We have had the opportunity to collaborate with DACA on several occasions on behalf of our Clients, such as the Gianmaria Buccellati Foundation, and in partnership with institutions such as the Dioezesanmuseum in Freising or the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana in Venice.

DACA has always proved to be up to the often-difficult tasks entrusted to them.

– Swiss Lab for Culture Projects –

Lidia Carrion, CEO

For the exhibition dedicated to Maria Callas at the Museo Teatrale della Scala, we have chosen the DACA Butterfly display case to exhibit a precious parure worn by the singer in “La Traviata”.

It has allowed us to combine the essential safety of the item – a loan from the private jewellery collection of Rinaldo Albanesi – with its highest valorization. Thanks to the interior lighting of the showcase, the public was able to appreciate the incredible craftsmanship of one of the most important artisans of “stage jewellery” of the period, Ennio Marini Marangoni.

– Museo Teatrale alla Scala, Milano –

Donatella Brunazzi – Manager, Museo Teatrale alla Scala.

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