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Museum – The Archaeological Museum della Valchiavenna

The Archaeological Museum collects the evidence of an ancient route that connected the ancient city of Comus ( Como ) to Coiria ( Chur ).

The Caurga della Valchiavenna Museum exhibits 1950 fragments from the excavations in Via Picchi, Piazza Castello in Chiavenna.
The fragments are mainly from transport containers made in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean basin and generally represent the whole world known in the period of the 1st century AD.
Of particular importance is an amphora which has been found practically intact, bearing the Latin inscription: Extra sweet black olive of the Mediterranean.
The reason for these discoveries is due to the fact that Chiavenna was considered a junction and resting spot in the path that led the merchants and wayfarers from Comum (Como) to Cuiria ( Coira
– Chur , ger. ).

Showcases Valchiavenna Museum View of the main “Caurga” hall of the Archaeological Museum

The installation of the Archaeological Museum of Valchiavenna was completed in 2014, under the direction of the Archaeological Superintendence of Lombardy and with the help of an interdisciplinary team for the installation: Rezia Design for the Graphic part, Aliter for the Museographic part and DACA Vetrina D’Autore for the part relating to the creation of the showcases and supports for the exhibition.
Each material has received a personalized treatment, not only for protection purposes, but also to make the visitor find the material and the object valorized in the best possible way.
In fact, the Museum exhibits items made with different materials, from soapstone, typical of the area, to ceramics, to metal.

Showcases by DACA Vetrina D’Autore

For the valorization of these objects, in fact, DACA Vetrina D’Autore has realized not only the showcases, but also specific supports for the exhibition in the showcases themselves.
The definition Caurga comes from the Latin word “cavare”, and it was used to identify a stone quarry.

Ceramic vases and plates 1 century A.D..

The most famous is the soapstone Caurga, which is located near the Archaeological Museum of Valchiavenna.

Soapstone is in fact the other main theme of the exhibition of the Archaeological Museum of Valchiavenna. This is a typical material of the area, of which Pliny the Elder already spoke in his Naturalis Historia in the o century AD.
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